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SWU Held “Ramadan in Campus”

14 June 2017

PURWOKERTO – Entering the month of Ramadan, Student Executive Board (BEM) STMIK Widya Utama (SWU) held several activities. The series of events took the theme of “Ramadan in Campus”, the Spirit of Worship to Reach the Divine Ridho.

“This activity aims to increase the charity of our worship to Allah and improve our practice among fellow human beings, and to unite the activities of fellow students in the SWU,” said Chairman of BEM SWU, Adi Kusworo, yesterday. The series of activities begins with breaking the fast together. The event featured speakers Ustadz Jufri from “Pondok Pesantren Al-Amin,” Purwokerto east.

The event was held by Rohis Student Activity Unit (UKM) and music. The event also invites elements of leadership and dosendosen in SWU. The event is aimed to enable students and lecturers in SWU to increase the intimacy and warmth in the SWU campus environment. He said, to enliven the holy month, his side also held a fundraiser with the theme “Sedekah Ramadan”.

Fundraising that has been done since the beginning of this month will be channeled to the poor, displaced and deprived children. In addition, he continued, BEM will also hold events for the “takjil”. These activities work together with other organizations outside the campus namely Pena Dakwah to contribute in the event “Sedekah Ramadan”.

“We are looking forward to the contribution of all students in SWU to participate in the series of events held in order to increase the spirit and splendor of Ramadan in Campus,” he said. (Fz-59)

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