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Students Supplied with Reproductive Knowledge

13 June 2017

PURWOKERTO – STMIK Widya Utama (SWU) students follow the socialization of adolescent reproductive health. Participants are students who take Professional Ethics courses and career guidance even semester 2016/2017. Attending the event were two speakers from the Office of Population Control, Family Planning, Women Empowerment and Child Protection (DPPKB P3A). They are Titi Cahyani and Diah Pancasilaningrum.

On that occasion Titi Cahyani delivered material on strategic issues related to family development. He explained the functional division function “Eight functions that are economic, environmental, religious, social, cultural, social, and affection,” he said.

He asks students to find and manage Youth Reproductive Health (KRR). Students certainly need. “In addition, it is important to make mistakes to make improvements.

Moreover, with a variety of media nowadays, please students to continue to increase knowledge about health, “he said, one of the challenges with the development of social media today is pornography and free sex.Titi added, in addition to awareness of adolescents, No less important.

Diah Pancasilaningrum explains the family development program by BKKBN is divided into two subprograms, namely sub increasing family resilience through the activities of fostering children under five, adolescent families, elderly families, and youth coaching.

“This socialization is a debriefing for students to understand the program of population and family development,” he said. (Fz-59)
Foto Character Building (paling kanan = Dewi Erla Mahmudah, no.2 dari kanan = Titi Cahyani, no.4 dari kanan = Diah Pancasilaningrum)




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