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Student Internship in Japan

29 May 2017

PURWOKERTO – STMIK Widya Utama (SWU) in cooperation with SEAMOLEC, dispatched one student to South Korea to undergo Double Degree program, to follow internship in Japan.

“The industry in Japan this time we sent D-3 Computerized Accounting students on behalf of Rizky Abdullah,” said Head of D3 Study Program, Singgih Briandoko as yesterday.

According to him the increasing competition in the industrial world, making SWU campus to improve the quality of education. One of them with internship programs abroad, especially Japan, which is well known for its highly developed industry.

“We hope that by apprenticeship in a well-known country, the science gained during this internship process will benefit Rizky personally, for SWU Campus, and for the nation and the State,” he said.

Rizky Abdullah was sent to Japan to start an internship program on May 19, along with several people from various regions in Indonesia. In Japan, Rizky will undergo an internship program at the company located in Akitakata, Hiroshima.

Internship program will last for one year, so Rizky must be able to take advantage of this opportunity as much as possible to absorb all the knowledge gained so that can be utilized after returning to the country.

“SWU campus parties really hope that the achievements achieved by Rizky will also spur the spirit of students and other students, in order to follow Rizky for internship programs abroad at a later stage.

Language Training

Rizky Departure Process begins since the end of 2016. Before his departure to Japan, first Rizky undergoing Japanese language training in Jakarta.

This language training is divided into two major sessions namely the ability to speak Japanese and read Japanese kanji.

In the training, it is often also visited by guests directly from Japan, thus increasing the experience and ability in Japanese language conversation.

Some tests must also dilakoni Rizky to show the ability and skills in speaking and writing Japanese.

He said the training was done in unity with the dormitory, so that the acquired language knowledge, besides being practiced when the learning period is also practiced when in the dorm. The training was aimed to be accustomed to using Japanese language. (Fz- 33)

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