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trained Discipline

29 May 2017

PURWOKERTO – A total of 73 students of STMIK Widya Utama (SWU) held disciplinary training at the Battalion Command Headquarters of Battalion 904 / Kalayudha University jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) Purwokerto on Saturday (20/5).

Chairman of the Student Character Building program, Dewi Erla Mahmudah, said the activity was followed by 2nd semester students of Department of Informatics and Computerized Accounting.

This activity is to train mentally and cultivate discipline attitude and train student work team. “This disciplinary exercise is one of the agenda of the character building program for students.

This activity is a routine agenda that must be followed by all students, “he said yesterday. The event begins with an opening ceremony led by Dewi Erla Mahmudah.

During the ceremony he told the students to keep the rules in the Menwa Unsoed Command Headquarters and follow every direction given by the coach.

Regular marching exercise

After attending the opening apple, the participants performed a joint breakfast activity conducted at the volleyball field of Menwa Unsoed Headquarters. Participants are given marching regulations (PBB).

“Regulation marching is a basic exercise to form mental discipline and form cohesion on the team,” said regulator of marching, Nurkhasanah.

In addition to regulation marching participants are also trained rappelling or descending from an altitude using ropes and mountainnering equipment. Rappelling material was carried out at the bridge of Pelus River Karanggintung Village, Sumbang District.

On this material many students were initially afraid to try, but after being given direction by coaches many also ended up trying and descending using the rope from the bridge down into the river.

“The purpose of this material is to train students in dealing with fear and lack confidence,” said Singgih Setya as coach. (Fz-33)




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