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Held Workshop Handle Ransomware Attack

13 June 2017

PURWOKERTO – At least 24 participants attended the Computer Security System Workshop and Anticipation of Ransomware Attack held by STMIK Widya Utama (SWU) recently. Participants consist of students, teachers, and hospital staff.

Chairman of the committee, Novita Setianti, said, ransomeware is a virus that is shaking the world today with a global attack that can cripple various devices and computer networks in various countries around the world.

The impact of the virus may interfere with the production of French car manufacturers, disturb the Russian Central Bank system, and disrupt the national health insurance system UK.

“Therefore, SWU organizes this workshop as an anticipatory action for companies, hospitals and computer users in order to prevent ransomware virus. Hopefully it will give many benefits to the participants, “he said.


Present as a speaker in the activity, Herman Kabetta, who is an IT practitioner. He is a SWU Lecturer who also serves as Vice Chairman of Academic and Student Affairs Division of SWU.

In that activity he presented three materials about computer system, computer system security, and simulation of computer system security. Participants are expected to increase their knowledge, improve their expertise in computer systems management and security.

“Increasing computer system security expertise is essential to maintain data security and validation. Then to anticipate the actions of cyber crime that will harm the company, institutions and society, “he explained.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the SWU, Muh SofiĆ­i mengapreasiasi activities. He hopes that in the future similar activities can be held regularly with a different theme. (Fz-59)
Foto Workshop Ransomeware (Herman Kabetta selaku pemateri sedang menjelaskan)




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